Insurance & Billing


Insurance and Billing Information

We are a contracted provider with most insurance plans.  For questions, please call (480) 987-0987. Please note, some insurance websites, books or letters have incorrect listings of contracted providers. Even if Dr. Hoag, his providers, or Desert Wells Family Medicine, do not appear on your insurance’s public listing, call your insurance company and speak directly to a representative in order to verify if we are indeed contracted with your insurance.

Prior to your appointment, please verify with your insurance company to make certain that we are listed as providers on your plan.  It is important to review the contract you have signed with your insurance company in order to understand the benefits and coverage provided by your particular plan. Each insurance company often offers a variety of detailed coverage plans.  We do not receive details of your specific plan’s coverage, so please contact your insurance company directly to make certain you understand how your particular healthcare plan works. This will assure that the services we provide will be covered, and will help avoid any financial surprises. If your insurance company refuses to cover our providers or services rendered, you will be responsible for any charges incurred.

When you come to your appointment, be sure to bring your primary and secondary insurance cards, as well as your co-payment amount, which is due at the time of your appointment.  Following your appointment, we will bill your insurance company for the services rendered.  Any remaining balances after payment from your insurance company will be your responsibility.

If you do not have insurance coverage, we offer a cash-pay discount, and full payment is due at the time of service.