Acute Care

Desert Wells Family Medicine

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When you or your kids aren’t feeling well, you need acute medical care. The dedicated medical team at Desert Wells Family Medicine in Queen Creek, Arizona, provides you with same-day appointments for acute care. The team has the experience to diagnose and treat a variety of acute conditions, including infections, viruses, allergic reactions, and minor injuries. If you have acute care needs, call Desert Wells Family Medicine for a same-day sick visit or request an appointment online now.

Acute Care Q & A

What are common acute care conditions that need treatment?

The Desert Wells Family Medicine team offers sick visits to diagnose and treat many illnesses that need attention right away, including:

  • Diarrhea
  • Chest pain
  • Sore throat
  • Cough, with or without nasal congestion
  • Colds and flu
  • Sinus infections
  • Allergic reactions
  • Pneumonia or bronchitis
  • Mild or moderate asthma attacks
  • Viral and bacterial infections, including urinary tract infections

The medical team also offers on-site stitches, sutures, and wound care services for minor injuries, cuts, and lacerations.

When should I seek acute care?

If you have a cold, flu, or unexplained pain that isn’t getting better with rest and home care, you should schedule an acute care visit at Desert Wells Family Medicine. Same-day appointments are available.

By obtaining an accurate diagnosis, you can prevent a worsening of your condition, and the team can ensure you get the proper treatment to feel better quickly.

What can I expect during an acute care visit?

During an acute care visit, your practitioner reviews your personal and family medical history and takes the time to listen to your symptoms. In some cases, they can make a diagnosis based on those symptoms but performs a physical exam to check for inflammation, infection, and pain.

If they suspect you have an infection like strep throat or a urinary tract infection, your practitioner may order testing through a throat swab, urine test, or blood work. If you have chest pain or a chronic cough, you may need a chest X-ray or other imaging test.

Once your practitioner understands the root cause of your symptoms, they create a treatment plan that focuses on helping you feel better and prevents the progression of your condition.

What treatments are available for acute conditions?

Treating bacterial infections, like strep throat and bladder infections usually require antibiotics to clear the infection. If you have a viral infection, like the flu, the team at Desert Wells Family Medicine recommends medicines and home care to keep you comfortable while the virus runs its course.

If your symptoms relate to an allergic reaction, the Desert Wells Family Medicine staff provide in-office medications to reduce the severity of your symptoms.

Acute care for cuts and lacerations is available, and the team offers in-office sutures and other wound care services to prevent infection and protect the health of your skin.

In many cases, the Desert Wells Family Medicine team schedules a follow-up appointment to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment and ensure your symptoms are resolving.

If you or your family need acute care, schedule a same-day visit at Desert Wells Family Medicine today by phone or with the online booking feature.