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There are many circumstances that might lead to a need for minor surgery, and having a medical team you know and trust makes it easier to handle those needs. At Desert Wells Family Medicine in Queen Creek, Arizona, the team of caring and compassionate professionals offers excellent minor surgery tools and techniques. Book a visit today using the easy online scheduling page or call to speak with a member of the administrative staff.

Minor Surgery Q & A

What is minor surgery?

Surgery is the term used to refer to a medical procedure that breaches the surface of your skin. Major surgery involves entering the body cavity, removing or repairing organs, or altering your normal anatomy. 

Minor surgery includes procedures where only your skin, mucous membranes, or connective tissues are altered. A biopsy is an example of a minor surgical procedure and involves removing a small tissue sample to screen for signs of cancer. 

While major surgery requires a fully equipped surgical environment and usually takes place in a hospital or dedicated surgery center, minor surgical procedures can be carried out in an in-office setting using sterile techniques. 

What are some examples of minor surgical procedures?

A wider range of surgical procedures falls under the category of minor surgery. One example is wound care. 

If you develop an abscess or a wound that won’t heal on its own, your Desert Wells Family Medicine practitioner may need to clear the area of dead tissue and debris and close it using minor surgery techniques. 

Toenail removal is another example. Persistent and painful ingrown toenails may need surgical reshaping. Advanced toenail fungus might also require toenail removal.  

Many minor surgeries focus on addressing abnormal skin growths. If a mole, skin tags, plantar warts, or other skin growths, bother you, surgery can help. Your provider can carefully cut or shave away these growths. Advanced closure techniques minimize visible scarring. 

Joint injections are also available at Desert Wells Family Medicine. These treatments can help relieve joint pain and restore function. 

How can minor surgery help treat skin cancer? 

If your Desert Wells Family Medicine practitioner detects skin cancer, a biopsy is often the next step. If cancer is present, removing the cancerous cells involves a precise surgery. 

Some cancers are treated by numbing the area and using a scalpel to carefully excise the abnormal cells and a portion of the surrounding healthy tissue. 

A different approach involves shaving extremely thin layers of tissue and checking for cancerous cells. The process is repeated until a clear layer of cells is reached, then the skin is closed over the area. 

If you’d like to learn more about the role minor surgery can play in your treatment plan, call or book an appointment online today at Desert Wells Family Medicine.